Change Management

As stated by Umberto Ecco: « nowadays, changes are so fast, that as soon as science-fiction novels are published, they immediately become archaeology treaties ». This training has been designed to bring the participants to reflect about the change implementation process, to better understand the psychological impact of significant changes on the staff members, to recognize the steps to adhere to in the implementation of changes, to recognize and avoid change implementation traps, to better accompany the collaborators through the change process.

This training is dedicated to those responsible for implementing changes within your organization, President, Vice-presidents, Directors, Managers or supervisors.

Duration: 1 day
Number of participants: 6 to 12 per group


Main topics of the program

  • Deciding on a change.
  • Undergoing a change.
  • Pro-activity and reactivity.
  • The curve of change.
  • Announcing a change.
  • The factors that can lead to a change implementation failure.
  • The principles to respect in order to ensure a positive change implementation.
  • Recognizing who we can integrate within the implementation of the change process?
  • Implementation and follow up.
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