Communicating by telephone

Communicating by telephone is a non-natural and difficult exercise for a great number of us. It is nevertheless crucial in various professional activities, such as: prospection, customer relationship, sales, after sales services, secretaries and of course at the reception of your business. The goal of this program is to bring pragmatic principles and tools of telephone communication to your participants. In absence of visual contact, the way we manage our voice, the pace, the tone, the elocution, the pronunciation become key elements that we train through role plays. During this training we go through the incoming and outgoing phone call approaches. We grant a special focus on dealing with objections, claims or aggressive interlocutors by telephone. This training is dedicated to all collaborators having a lot of contacts by telephone.

Duration: 1 day
Number of participants: 6 to 12 per group


Main topics of the program

  • Receiving a phone call.
  • Initiating a phone call.
  • The power of questions.
  • The acknowledgement process.
  • The active listening.
  • Smiling over the phone.
  • Mastering our voice.
  • Dealing with objection over the phone.
  • Being concrete and concise.
  • Prospecting by telephone.
  • Obtaining rendez-vous.
  • Ending a call.
  • Dealing with claims.
  • Dealing with aggressive interlocutors.
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