Interpersonal communication

This training program has been designed to enhance the interpersonal communication skills of the participants, to help them better understand others, in order to be better understood in return, to deal with differences of opinion, to better handle difficult interlocutors, to put in place an assertive communication style and to develop empathy. The didactical approach consists of an interactive theory; role playing and workshops. This training is the starting point of all other training subjects, such as management, sales or negotiation. It is indeed crucial to master the fundamentals of communication in order to better understand the importance of the issue(s) at stake. This training program is dedicated to everyone within the organization regardless of his or her function. Its applicability and benefits are effective within the professional life as well as the private life.

Duration: 1 to 2 days
Number of participants: 6 to 12 per group


Main topics of the program

  • The oral communication.
  • The non-verbal communication.
  • The iceberg theory.
  • Our system of references.
  • The power of questions.
  • Using presuppositions.
  • The active listening.
  • The acknowledgement process.
  • The power of silence.
  • The assertiveness.
  • Dealing with aggressive interlocutors.
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