Success through positive thinking

This training program has been designed for personal development, it is for everyone and finds its applicability in professional environments, sports, artistic world or the private sphere. The tools developed during this seminar have been and are applied by most personalities who reach the summits of their respective field of activities. Through-out the years, we have had the chance, in our professional and social activities, to identify what makes the difference between people who meet their goals and people who don’t. We have to admit that all the ones who are successful apply, consciously or subconsciously, the principles and techniques developed within this seminar.

Duration: 1 to days
Number of participants: 6 to 12 per group


Main topics of the program

  • What is your starting point?
  • Defining your concrete objectives.
  • What are your life objectives?
  • What are your professional objectives?
  • Where do you get information?
  • The “teachability” index.
  • Going over our change’s resistance.
  • The 4 steps of the learning process.
  • Creation of synaptic connexions.
  • Motivation through positive autosuggestion.
  • Going over our limitative believes.
  • The balance of work.
  • Our mental preparation.
  • Managing our stress through positive thinking.
  • Our determination as a driver to success.
  • Developing en emphatic personality.
  • Developing networks.
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