There are two main approaches to team building, one consists of organizing seminars on the topic, the second consists of organizing leisure events allowing the creation of links between the team members. Our proposal is to mix both approaches. Choosing a peaceful area in order to spend one, two or three days, alternate discovery leisure activities and seminars about topics that could vary according to the priorities of your company. In general, topics such as Success Insights personality analysis, leadership, interpersonal communication, team dynamic or success through positive thinking are the most adapted to this kind of event. Concerning the organization of an event, the balance between leisure activities and seminars has to be defined according to your wishes. Very often, a team building action reveals that colleagues do not know each other as well as they thought. One of our roles is to provide your collaborators with the opportunity to discover each other more in depth and to establish historical links related to the event. Our second role is to introduce easily applicable tools and techniques within their professional environment which will enhance the efficiency of the team.

Duration: 1 to 3 days
Number of participants: 8 to 24 per group


Main topics of the program

  • Interpersonal communication.
  • Team dynamic.
  • Leadership.
  • Success through positive thinking.
  • Managing the Y generation.
  • Change management.
  • Conflict handling.
  • Success Insights.
  • Rafting.
  • Skiing.
  • Snowshoes.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Painting workshop.
  • Cooking workshop.
  • Dancing training.
  • Cocktails creation.
  • etc.
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