This panel of services represents an indication for the elaboration of your training programs. The majority of our training is customized to your specific needs and objectives. Sometimes, depending on the specificities of your situation, a preparation and analysis phase can be very useful in order to ensure tailor-made content and role playing scenarios. We would be happy to spend time with your collaborators to perfectly understand their needs and expectations. It is always highly appreciated by the participants to benefit from realistic role plays matching their day to day professional environment.

Who are we?

SC Formation was created by Pascal Spring experienced trainer in soft skills with over 25 years of experience with the idea to develop a structure able to offer training solutions to companies and private retail clients by developing interactive training solutions with  immediately applicable tools.

We have a rich experience in interpersonal communication, management and commercial relationships; this within a wide spectrum of businesses, at an international and local level. We are used to collaborate with large multinational organizations as well as small and medium enterprises.

Our training approach is not only based on our academic background. The situations we deal with during our seminars are based on real personal experiences, which means that we understand the various situations encountered by your collaborators and can therefore provide them with customized tools and solutions.

Our business model is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients. Providing high quality training is good, but being able to understand quickly the strategic issues of a business and being able to bring useful feedbacks to the organization while respecting the necessary confidentiality between the trainer and the participant is even better. Our expertise allows us to do this.

Another of our specificities is to be able to adapt easily to different levels of participants, from CEO’s to line production workers. We have no preferences, the need of each person is of value, what counts for us is to be able to bring valuable solutions to all our participants.

Our didactical approach consists of an interactive theory, workshops and role playing. We use generic role plays to get the participants out of their comfort zone, then we use tailor made role-plays to verify the proper application of the discovered tools and solutions in their working context. We can film the role- plays for better debriefings, we have a system allowing to display the videos directly on the beamer with a good sound quality, so the whole group can participate in each debriefing.

For most of our training we provide each participant with an A5 binder, of memo cards summarizing each topic, a pen and a notepad. This format of didactical material allows participants to gather all the information and their personal notes into one easy to carry pack. For some training sessions, A4 leaflets are more convenient as they are used as working documents.

For the longer training sessions, for instance management or sales, we recommend a sequential planning, one day every 3 weeks or 2 days every 3 weeks to ensure a better digestion of the information as the participants apply the tools progressively to their work situations this also provides an opportunity to answer questions related to their personal implementation experiences.

Our trainers are certified “Success Insights MDI”, these personality profiles are very useful for training such as, leadership, management, sales , recruitment and team building.


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